PowerPowder™ Pipe Dredge Cleaner

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No more gunk or stinky clogs in the house!

PowerPowder™ Pipe Dredge Cleaner instantly dissolves grease & stains and liquifies tough drain obstructions like hair, removing bacterial build-up & odor for a sparkling clean result.

Formulated with industrial-grade reactive oxygen agents & adjusted pH levels, the powder cleaner generates rich foam in a flash upon mixing with water to powerfully flush through the most stubborn clog.

The high-density bubbles contain powerful Bio-enzymes which can break down & dissolve stains, grease, hair, soap & even food waste immediately without damaging your drains/sink/pipes etc.

It is non-corrosive and 100% safe on your drains, pipes or septic system. Perfect for cleaning toilets, sinks, pipes, washing machines, floor, walls with anti-bacterial protection.


  • POWER CLEAN: Adopt Maximum-strength formula to clear stubborn Grease, Hair, Soap Scum, Food & Organic Build-ups.

  • EFFERVESCENT TECHNOLOGY: Generate rich foams with powerful effervescing & cleaning agents to pump through tough clogs.
  • SAFE TO USE: Non-corrosive & free of bleach or harsh chemicals. Safe on drains, pipes or septic system.

  • QUICK RESULTS: Fast acting formulation to break down all dirt in no time.
  • ON-GOING CLEANING: Long term cleaning effect by Digestive Enzyme clung to pipe wall.
  • ANTI-ODOR: Sterilize & deodorize by removing the odor-causing bacteria.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Applicable to all types of pipes, toilets, sinks, tubs, any other main drain lines, even washing machine and kitchen sink. 


  • Size: 100g


  • Apply product to clog.
  • Add water and it will immediately foam up.
  • Set for 10-20 minutes, then gently brush and rinse.


  • PowerPowder™ Pipe Dredge Cleaner (1 Bottle / 3 Bottles)

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