Silicone Bath Massage Soft Brush

$86 $180

Our Silicone Soft Brush is equipped with soft silicone bristles to perform daily hair grooming and massage on the body, which can promote blood circulation and make hair smoother.

Designed with a built-in soap dispenser so you get fluffy cleaning foam as you scrub your body.


  • Soft Silicone

Made of high quality silicone bristles to gently exfoliate your body and scalp.

  • Soap Dispenser

Top of the brush is a soap storage/dispenser that makes bubbles to save your time.

  • Effective Cleaning

Constant bubble with soft bristles, 25X cleaner than traditional shower and towel.

  • Ergonomic Handle

The ring handle design makes the brush safe and stable within your grip for a more comfortable and easier hold.

  • Premium Quality

Medical grade silicone, 100% body-safe, BPA-free, odorless and durable in use.


Size: 8*8*5.3CM

Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue

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