New Korean chic solid color long-sleeved shirt


Fabric name
Imitation Tencel

Main fabric composition
Polyester fiber (polyester)

The content of main fabric ingredients

Main fabric composition 2


The content of main fabric ingredients
10% or less

Color Classification:


Temperament blue



-Washing recommendations/washing recommendations
Recommended for hand washing or professional dry cleaning
If you have any doubts about the single-product washing method, please contact customer service / do not machine washing and mixing
In order to maintain the texture of the clothes, please do not soak for a long time in water whose temperature exceeds 30°
Please wash dark clothes separately/do not soak color-mixed clothes
CARE/ironing method
Low temperature ironing is recommended for all clothes
PS: Clothes need to be carefully taken care of in order to be with you for a long time

Model shots:

Available in three colors! ! !



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